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The NEWCOMERS CLUB OF SCOTTSDALE is a nonprofit social organization for people who have recently moved to the Phoenix metropolitan area, have experienced a change in life situation, or who simply want to make new friends and get to know the community.

In existence since 1968, the Club promotes friendship through a variety of social activities including daytime and evening events and interest groups - for both women and men.

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Attend our next Luncheon, Get Acquainted Coffee, Singles - Meet and Greet, or Happy Hour to see what we're all about and let us get to know you. Find out when in our Activities Calendar.

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Newcomers Club of Scottsdale always welcomes new members. If you are interested in learning more about our Club, come and bring your spouse, partner, neighbor, or friend to our next Luncheon, Get Acquainted Coffee, Singles - Meet and Greet, or Happy Hour.  This Club is not only for Scottsdale residents. We welcome anyone in the Phoenix area who wants to meet new people!  About Us



Community Outreach

We, as a club, have an energetic and involved group of members. In addition to our social aspect, we also value volunteering our time and effort for the many charitable organizations that aid our neighbors in need. Learn more at Community Outreach. 

"Scottsdale Shares", the City's donation program, can help you match your donation to specific programs that help others.  Learn how you can give money, goods, and services.  Under services, find a list of opportunities for citizens to volunteer along with contact information at


July and August activities are open for registration

Many activities are on hiatus during July and August.  If you don't see a favorite activity, look for it to return on the September Calendar.

Activities Descriptions

Activities Calendar 


Names are required when registering. 'Anonymous' will not be accepted.

New Activities

One & Done - Museum of the West Tour

One & Done - Quiche-a-Palooza!

One & Done - Fishing

Editor's Note 

If your spouse/partner also will be attending an activity, remember to add your spouse/partner as a guest while registering.

Community Activities

Local Events & Things to Do
in the Scottsdale and          
Phoenix area

President's Message

As we move through an exceptionally hot summer, hopefully, we are finding “cool” things to do. I am impressed that most of the newcomers I meet are glad to be in Arizona even when the temps hit 110 degrees (but maybe not 114 degrees)!

It may help knowing that in just a couple of hours, we can get to cooler parts of the state including Flagstaff, Payson, Prescott, and Pinetop.

I experience a lot of sharing and laughter at our summer luncheons, coffees, and other activities as we continue to meet new people and tell our stories.  

“Sharing a laugh is the best way to build solid new friendships” according to a George Mason University study. Our attitude changes and we expect benevolence from that person which helps to form future friendships. 

So keep the laughter flowing and keep meeting new folks  - remember the August Activities Calendar becomes available beginning July 1st.  

We welcome Jill Sweet as our new Social Activities Director. Contact her at <> if you have any questions or suggestions for new activities. 

Thanks to all our chairs, hosts, and Board/Team members who keep the Club running throughout the summer!

Carolyn White


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